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Updated: Jul 23, 2023

A short film and poem I created at a turning point in my life.

The words were inspired from my life and the movement is inspired from the Bowspring practice.

I have such deep gratitude to my friend and teacher Randi Randolf Liebnau for introducing me to this life changing training and of course I am forever thankful to the two founders of Bowspring

Desi Springer and John Friend, they have truly created something ground breaking. I thank them for their innovation and dedication and for sharing their knowledge.

Bowspring has definitely changed my life's path, allowing me to use my body in a more whole way. It has given me more inner strength through the concentration of the expansion and radiance of the central channel but, on the other hand, allows me to attain more softness on the outside, through the elasticity of my fascia. I feel more rooted, but have the feeling I'm ready to fly!

I'm interested to see where this journey of mine is taking me.

Feel welcome to join me on my way!

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A testimonial :

"Since I was so spontaneously tongue-tied on Wednesday :-), I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for this great course!!!! You have such a great way of motivating your participants and I also found the personal aspects of your own story very inspiring and touching. For me it was very exciting to get to know such a new and different movement concept and to try out movements that I have never done before. I like the concepts very much, also that there is a whole world of philosophy behind them. So thank you very much again and I look forward to seeing you again.

Have a wonderful time and all the best”

Bettina 55 years old


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