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We all arrive at a point in our lives when we realize that we want to, have to, need to, or are forced to make changes. We often don’t invite these transitions with open arms immediately , because we know we have to be active and activity means an assertion of energy, dedication and determination, which in turn, makes our lazy self, want to just keep things the way they are, even though we are possibly unhappy, dissatisfied, uncomfortable, in pain or even ill. 

I myself was forced to make changes both in my body and mind, through my own personal story and I realize, that the energy I used and therefore also gained, to fulfill my wish to feel more comfort in my body and mind was well worth it! Yes, I had to practice for many, many hours and I still am, but I now awaken each day with a completely different feeling within myself.

Being pain free, a state that I thought I would never experience again after having so many years of severe back and hip pain, gives me a sense of thankfulness to begin each day. I have become more mindful in what I do and what I say and I feel myself accepting and therefore allowing more sense of satisfaction within. 

How did I achieve this? 


Through practicing Bowspring!


I am now teaching Bowspring on a regular weekly basis, I offer both online and live classes in Hamburg, Germany. You can book me to teach workshops to a group or hire me to give you private classes within your own home. I can teach very basic classes for beginners, also offering active breaks for desk workers in offices, and I teach more advanced trained bodies. 


I have created a new Contemporary Dance Technique, combining the Bowspring principles, called Contemporary Bow, which aids dancers to sustain a healthier body structure and fascia during their career. I was overjoyed to receive funding from Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the programme NEUSTART KULTUR, aid programme DIS-TANZEN of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland

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If you feel that you have come to this turning point in your life, then please feel welcome to get in touch with me through my website:

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